What Are Window Fixing Straps?

 Window Fixing Straps



Window fixing straps are used when an indirect fixing is required. Usually steel to ensure a secure fixing directly to the main structure, galvanized to prevent rusting. Its recommended that they are at least 2mm thick (14 SWG) and approx 25mm x 200mm.


Window Fixing Straps
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When using fixing straps always ensure the product load is transferred to the main structure with a positive fixing, avoid mortar joints, brick or block edges.
Any fixing should be subject to the requirements of a structural engineer prior to manufacture and installation.


If you require fixing straps, Dortech Direct supply a standard 25mm x 200mm steel galv strap, Click Here now to find out more.

We can also fabricate fixing straps to fit your requirement. Call us now on 01484 45 11 77.


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