What are the best euro lock cylinders available for your door?

Euro lock cylinders

Dortech Direct now have available what we consider to be the best euro lock cylinders available to the public. Whats more is these cylinders do not just provide you with the most up to date door protection but they are substantially cheaper than other cylinders on the market.

Euro double cylinders, available from – £18.38. Buy Now!
Euro thumbturn cylinders, available from – £19.16 Buy Now!
The UAP+ Zero Lift Cylinder is a high quality 6 pin cylinder. It is manufactured with added steel pins inside the cylinder for enhanced strength and security to make it stronger and even more resilient to drilling than ever before. This high security cylinder has extra features to protect against forced entry. These include:
First line defense Anti-Snap: The cylinder has an anti-snap line on each end so when force is applied to either side, the cylinder will break away to the anti-snap line only and not at the cam point. This prevents entry being gained through the exposed cam.
Second line defense Anti-Bump: The cylinder has a ‘zero lift’ pin which sits far higher than the rest of the pins in the plug ensuring a bump key shoulder cannot touch the pin to bump it.
Third line defense Anti-Pick: 3 x Stainless Steel Anti-Pick pins in each side of the cylinder.
Fourth line defense Anti-Drill: 4 x hardened steel Anti-Drill pins in each side of the cylinder, 2 in the plug and 2 in the barrel. These require a special drill bit to break through. Common drill bits will have no effect.
The zero lift cylinder has been awarded the following standards:
- *Conform to EN1303:2005 standards.
- *Awarded ‘Secured by Design’ approval by the Association of Chief *Police Officers.
- Awarded the British Standard Kitemark from BSi, number KM 561977.
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