sans-serif;”>    style=”font-size: xx-large;”>The BEST GLASS LIFTER of all times


   *Veribor- Triple Cup Glass Lifter


-      Highest in Quality

-      Excellent  Reliability 

 -     An awesome,well established  

       product which provides a solution   

       for almost all handling problems

       that you may have.

A6014-Glass Cutter 


    …an essential tool when handling glass

 Design/ Specification:

-       Robust and easy to use

-       Metal frame

-       Three lever activated vacuum cups providing more stability when handling and lifting materials.


-       Suction pad: 120 mm                                               

-       Lifting Force: 100 kg

-       Weight: 1.22 kg

-       Lifting direction: Parallel


A6014-Lifting Direction

How to apply:

-       Simply place the rubber pads onto your desired surface.

-       Placing a firm grip onto the rubber handle, press down each individual lever to ensure each pad is securely tightened onto the surface.

-       Once pressure has been applied to each lever your product is ready to lift.


 Handy Tips for application:

-       Ensure the pads and lifting substrates are clean and dry.

-       Using a glass cleaner will extract all residue whilst creating a cleaner finish.

 Recommended for:

        Glass, Plastic, Metal, Coated Wood and Marble.

- Ideal for lifting or manoeuvring smooth, flat, non-porous materials enabling professional glaziers to lift and transport glass much easier and safer for all those heavy loads.


***Also available:


*Triple Cup Glass Sucker (set of two)

-       Suction pad: 120 mm                                                

-       Lifting Force: 200 kg

-       Lifting direction: Parallel



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