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Fire Rated Silicone

Manufactured and approved with a fire rating of up to 4 hours. Excellent for perimeter sealing of fire doors and screens. These ‘fire rated’ sealants contain an intumescent substance that swells as a result of heat exposure, this increases in volume and decreases in density. Which in turn stops smoke and fire from spreading. Shop Now

Intumescent Acrylic

Intumescent acrylic are a water-borne, one-part fire resistant joint sealant that cures to give a firm, but flexible seal. Typically used as a peremeter sealant and a gap filler in buildings, designed to swell and char in a fire to prevent the passage of smoke and fire. Shop Now

Intumescent Fire Stop Compounds

Intumescent compounds, designed to re-instate the fire resistance of the compartment wall or floor. These compounds provide a fire resistant seal lasting up to 4 hours. This system also provides thermal, acoustic and air sealing performance. Shop Now

Fire Rated PU Expanding Foam

Fire rated expanding PU foams are a retardant based polyurethane expanding foam, which sets in a solid form by using moisture present in the atmosphere. Suitable for sealing gaps around fire doors and window frames, cables, pipes, joints, voids and small holes in fire rated structures. Shop Now

Intumescent Tape

Intumescent tapes help by stopping the spread of fire through glazing in fire doors and windows. When these tapes are under fire conditions they begin to swell to seal the edges of the joints or glass to prevent any smoke or fire from spreading throughout the building. Shop Now

Fire Batts & Fire Rated Boards

Fire boards provide a fire rated barrier, designed to prevent the passage of fire and smoke. These fire rated boards are manufactured from mineral fibres coated with an elastomeric, ablative water based sealant. This system also provides thermal, acoustic and air sealing performance. Shop Now

Intumescent ‘Fire Rated’ Seal Bags

‘Fire Rated’ seal bags are intumescent based composite material, encased within a durable, water resistant, coated fabric bag. Dry installed to provide a temporary or permanent fire resistant barrier. In the event of a fire, they prevent the passage of fire and smoke by closing off the aperture within the compartment floor or wall. Shop Now

Intumescent ‘Fire Rated’ Putty Pads

‘Fire Rated’ putty pads are manufactured from a silicone based putty, designed reinstate the fire integrity of the substrate when penetrated by an electrical backing box, eliminating the requirement for a baffle box. Non-setting, intumescent, silicone based putty pad. Shop Now

Intumescent ‘Fire Rated’ Gap Seal

Intumescent gap seals are cost effective, water resistant, flexible, and compressible. In the event of a fire, our gap seals can provide up to 2 hours fire protection, acoustic and smoke seal to building gaps and movement joints, whilst offering up to 50% movement. Shop Now

Fire Curtain

A fire curtain is designed for the use in construction and building joints. Our fire curtains are specially coated, woven glass fibre. This helps provide up to 2 hours fire and smoke protection to large unsupported areas in timber, steel or concrete structures. Shop Now

Heat Resistant Silicone Sealant

Heat resistant silicone is resistant to high temperatures withstanding heat up to 300°C. It is ideal for joints and assemblies which must be resistant to high temperatures in ducting, metal chimneys, industrial/domestic ovens, heating appliances. Shop Now






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