Heavy Duty Toyo Glass Cutter & Silberschnitt Glass Cutting Fluid

For the



   …use a HEAVY Duty Toyo T-C17 Glass Cutter lubricated by Silberschnitt Glass Cutting Fluid.

-      Excellent in Performance

-      Essential when cutting thick glass

-      Guaranteed to provide the best results whilst giving a soft precise break.

The perfect combination to create a finished cut.


 *HEAVY DUTY TOYO TC-17- Glass Cutter


-      The BEST in the industry

-       Provides QUALITY results.

         £18.10A3034-Glass Cutter





…a glass studio essential”


When cutting Glass…

the cutting wheel, cutting wheel angle, cutting pressure and the cutting speed is all paramount when cutting glass. 

-  This Heavy Duty Toyo TC-17 Glass Cutter features a precision-ground carbide cutting wheel in a replaceable cutting head.

-  Used together with cutting fluid will provide unbeatable results with just one single cut.


How to apply:

-   Lubricate the Glass Cutter by adding the appropriate amount of cutting fluid required for the glass thickness.

Scoring the Glass:

-   Measure or mark where you want to score

-   Layout on a straight edge.

-   Apply pressure to the glass and you pull the cutter along the surface, rolling on the small carbide wheel

-   Run the cutter smoothly from one edge to the other.

-   Check the score.

Breaking the Glass: 

-    Grasp each side of the cut carefully into your hands

-    Apply minor pressure from the wrist to break the glass along the score

-    Use fine sandpaper or a sharpening stone to remove the sharp edge.


Handy Tips for application:

-   Ensure your work surface is flat preferably one that is soft and wont scratch your glass.

-   Clean the glass surface to remove any grime as this can ruin your score.

-   Avoid long cuts.

    (Scores longer than two feet have a high failure rate when breaking).

-   Listen for a smooth sound like ripping silk.

    (A gritty sound means that you are pushing too hard or that you did not oil your cutter- the less sound you make, the better your score will be).

-   Recommended when using Silberschnitt Glass Cutting FLUID.



-  Straight end handle.

-  140 degree hone angle.

-  Carbide wheel premium.


*SilberschnittGlass Cutting FLUID




Cutting fluid penetrates deep into the cut and keeps it “warm”, which leads to considerably improved breaking results.







How to apply:

-  Unscrew the end of the glass cutter

-  Lift the cap of the cutting fluid

-  Pour the fluid direct into the end of the cutter and tighten the screw accordingly.


Handy Tips for application:

-  Ensure a sufficient amount of fluid is used when cutting thick glass.

-  It is important to check the cutter is moving freely

  (failing to do this will result in abnormal wear causing the wheel to skid).

-  Do not use kerosene or white spirit by itself because it removes whatever liquid is on the axle.


Recommended for:

    Oil glass cutters and Glass cutters without integrated oil reservoir.


-  Lubricates your cutter when cutting glass that is 1/2″ (12 mm) or thicker whilst binding the glass dust created by scoring.

-  The ability to reduce heat and friction between the cutting tool and workplace.

-  Recommended when using the Heavy Toyo TC-17 Glass Cutter.


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