How To Get A Perfect Seal With Silicone Sealant.

 Applying Silicone Sealant

Getting the perfect seal is a hard job. That’s why we have made a guide for you to ensure you use the right techniques and tricks for you to get the best seal possible.  

Tools/Products Required:  

Step 1 – Cleaning Surfaces: 

Surfaces need to be clean, dry, sound and free from contamination. NOTE: Soap or residue will stop the silicone from adhering.

Step 2 – Preparing Surfaces:

Where gaps are 6mm or wider, insert a joint of closed cell Polyethylene foam backer rod, approximately 25% over sized, allowing for a seal depth of at least 10mm. If necessary you can mask around the perimeter allowing you to remove any messy silicone after application.

Step 3 – Preparing Caulking Gun:

Insert ARBO sealant cartridge into the skeleton gun. Snip the nozzle at a 45 degree angle using a sharp blade as any ragged edges will reflect in your silicone. Don’t snip the nozzle too large, this will make it very difficultly and messy when applying.

Step 4 – Applying Sealant:

Pressure the gun trigger so that a smooth constant bead of silicone comes out, adjust your speed of travel to ensure a uniform bead goes down. Remember not to put too much silicone down as it will spread as you smooth it.

Step 6 – Smoothing:

Wet the silicone smoothers and tool to get the right shape, adjusting any mistakes made when applying the sealant. Now is the time to also remove any masking tape used.

Step 7 – Gaps Less Than 6mm:

Where gaps are less than 6mm wide, apply a bead of ARBO sealant and tool to form a triangular fillet, achieving a ‘bite’ of at least 6mm onto non-porous surfaces ( PPC, aluminium etc) and 10mm onto porous surfaces (brickwork etc).
A guide to silicone sealant, brought to you by Dortech Direct.
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