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Self-Cleaning glass

Does Self-Cleaning glass actually work? Self-cleaning glass has become very popular in the UK glazing industry and has been designed to keep a glass surface free of dirt. This chemical treatment, is made up from titanium dioxide and requires both

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Vitaseal Expanding Tape

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Ritec ClearShield is delighted to announce that is has now become an approved distributor of Ritec ClearShield glass treatment products. ClearShield is a low maintenance glass treatment spray that effectively prevents or significantly minimises dirt and grime build up on glass

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Heavy Duty Toyo Glass Cutter & Silberschnitt Glass Cutting Fluid

For the PERFECT cuts…      …use a HEAVY Duty Toyo T-C17 Glass Cutter lubricated by Silberschnitt Glass Cutting Fluid. -      Excellent in Performance -      Essential when cutting thick glass -      Guaranteed to provide the best results whilst giving a soft precise

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Top 5 Hand Held Glass Lifters

    Glass lifters are an essential tool when handling glass. We supply various different glass suckers, from hand pumped glass lifters to lever-activated suction glass lifters, enabling professional glaziers to lift and transport glass much easier and safer. Below

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What is Curtain Wall?

This blog has been created to give you a very brief overview of what curtain walling is and the different types of curtain walling available. All of which are products available from Dortech. Should you require any further assistance after reading

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Why Does Glass Break?

We’ve recently been involved with a project where glass has mysteriously broken and immediately the finger is pointed at either the glass manufacturer or the installer. Whilst these two elements of the glass delivery can be at fault, end users frequently neglect

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