Top 5 Hand Held Glass Lifters


hand held glass lifter


Glass lifters are an essential tool when handling glass. We supply various different glass suckers, from hand pumped glass lifters to lever-activated suction glass lifters, enabling professional glaziers to lift and transport glass much easier and safer.

Below you can find our top 5 glass lifters that can be found on the market today!

5. Single Cup Suction Pad

Single Cup Suction Pad
Ideal for carrying heavy awkward items such as glass, doors, windows and sheet metal.

- Recommended for: Awkward Items.
- Quality 2*
- Lifting Force: 35KG
- Price: £2.27

4. Double Cup Glass Sucker

double glass sucker

Ideal for carrying heavy awkward items such as glass, doors, windows and sheet metal.

- Recommended for: Heavy Awkward items, Glass panels and Windows.
- Quality: 3*
- Lifting Force: 100KG
- Price: £12.85

3. Powr-Grip Glass Lifter


Powr-grip glass lifter


Suction lifter for many materials; guaranteed the maximum loading capacity with a safety factor of 3:1.
- Recommended for: Lifting Glass, Plastic or Metal.
- Quality: 5*
- Lifting Force: 57KG
- Price: £92.39

2. Veribor Suction Lifter, 3 Cup – Swivelling Heads



Glass lifter for windscreens



Especially suitable for the transport of large curved surfaces such as windscreens for buses or lorries.

- Recommended for: Windscreens for Cars, Buses and Lorries.
- Quality: 5*
- Lifting Force: 75KG
- Price: £115.20

1. Veribor Pro Glass Lifter

Veribor Pro Glass Lifter 
Non-slip pump-activated suction lifter is designed totally with ergonomics and safety in mind.
- Recommended for: Patio doors, Large windows and Greenhouses.
- Quality: 4* 
- Lifting Force: 120KG
- Price: £71.98
At top of the list is the Veribor pro glass lifter. With an outstanding lifting force of 120KG! This glass sucker will not let you down. Combinding that with the quality and price, the Veribor pro glass lifter is defiantly a must have.
Visit us now, at many more great offers. Or contact our sales team today on 01484 45 11 77.

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