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EPDM Membrane

EPDM Membrane is a type of synthetic rubber which unlike most bituminous materials does not become brittle with age. Once installed it will require little or no maintenance and not a single drop of water will pass through the membrane.

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EPDM Adhesive Paste

EPDM rubber is used for windows installations, rubber roofing and building outdoor water features.  A key part of installing EPDM is gluing seams. You cannot use any adhesive when gluing EPDM rubber; you must select glue that binds the rubber

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Top 5 Hand Held Glass Lifters

    Glass lifters are an essential tool when handling glass. We supply various different glass suckers, from hand pumped glass lifters to lever-activated suction glass lifters, enabling professional glaziers to lift and transport glass much easier and safer. Below

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What Are Window Fixing Straps?

    Window fixing straps are used when an indirect fixing is required. Usually steel to ensure a secure fixing directly to the main structure, galvanized to prevent rusting. Its recommended that they are at least 2mm thick (14 SWG)

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What are the best euro lock cylinders available for your door?

Dortech Direct now have available what we consider to be the best euro lock cylinders available to the public. Whats more is these cylinders do not just provide you with the most up to date door protection but they are

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How To Get A Perfect Seal With Silicone Sealant.

  Getting the perfect seal is a hard job. That’s why we have made a guide for you to ensure you use the right techniques and tricks for you to get the best seal possible.   Tools/Products Required:   Silicone Sealant

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Silicone Sealant Estimator Card

Silicone sealant estimator card , used for estimating the amount of ARBO silicone sealant required for a job.

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A Guide To The Types Of Silicone Sealant Available

    There are many different sealants available, all providing different uses. It can be difficult keeping track of which sealants are best suited for a certain job. The list below provides a quick guide into our sealants and what

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Skytec Argon Gloves

At we stock a whole host of cost effective tools and equipment for glass and glazing professionals. We recently added Skytec Argon Thermal gloves to our product portfolio which are great gloves, particularly considering site work over the coming

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Where Do You Get Aquarium Sealant From?

Amazingly we have just found out that our main window and door silicone supplier actually supplies Fish Tank and Aquarium silicone as well. Because of the significant buying power Dortech has, we’ve managed to obtain some incredibly competitive deals on

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